Turn the Page

turn the page“You’re life is a book filled with blank pages.” The question is, “Who’s going to write on them – you or Jesus?”
Are you ready to go to the next chapter of your life? Some are not because they keep reading what was written in the last chapter – good or bad. If the last chapter was a good one, praise God for it. Then make the decision to see what the next chapter holds. Choose to let Jesus write what comes next. He did a good job with the last chapter and will do just as well on the next one.
If it wasn’t so good, it’s time to stop reading it over and over again! Hear me when I say, the outcome doesn’t change no matter how many times you read it. This is where biblical repentance comes into play. The word simply means to change direction – stop going backward to the old chapter towards the fresh new pages ahead and change your thinking – replace the thinking that wrote the stinky chapter with the truths the Spirit desires to write with on the fresh clean blank pages.
Either way, it’s time to turn the page of life and move forward in your relationship with Jesus. If you do, God’s word guarantees it will be an even better read!
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