When God Isn’t a Cuss Word

Christ in Christmas“You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God.” (Exodus 20:7) A most interesting truth to be talking about at Christmastime, but still a much needed one for us to ponder.
Misuse doesn’t mean to turn God into a cuss word, but to commit evil in the name of God. “When an irreligious person commits evil, it doesn’t bring God into disrepute. But when a religious person commits evil in the name of God he destroys the greatest hope for goodness on earth – belief in a God. [Thus,] they are doing terrible damage to the name of God.”
Some people have stopped looking for a relationship with God because of what has been done in His name – Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. – no one has a particular corner on the market when it comes to doing evil in the name of Christ and/or God. Because of that fact, Exodus 20:7 shows this to be the only Commandment with a negative side-effect attached to it. Pretty heady stuff!
This Christmas, who are people seeing in our lives? One of the names given to Jesus in the Tanach (Isaiah 7:14) and at His birth is Immanuel (Matthew 1:23), which means “God with us.” As believers in Jesus, God is with us every where we go, including all the preparations we make for Christmas day from shopping and spending to cleaning and celebrating. This Christmas season what Jesus are people seeing with you?
Let your shine in both your actions and words because you’ve been letting Him rid of your drugs of choice so He can truly be the Prince of Peace in your life.
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