Has God Ever Hurt You?

controlI was reading a rather good book into the wee hours of Sunday morning, when an extraordinary thought hit me. You can’t give up and be in control at the same time as it results in being out of control.
I’ve been wrestling with God for several months now over a certain area of my life that He wants total control. Control is not a half-way thing. You can’t have two sets of hands on the steering wheel of your life. It only leads to disaster. Either God has control or you do, never both as it only results in being out of control (i.e. other areas of your life start going downhill).
Then another thought hit me, Why can’t I trust you, Lord, even though You’ve never hurt me? I have no answer to that question. He’s definitely disciplined me; hurt me never, though I’ve certainly hurt myself. Please pray for me as I pray for you to give control to the only One who can keep your life from spinning out of control.
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