He Sees All and Still Cares

Jesus seesSomeone once said, “What brightens the heart is natural phenomena – lakes and mountains, a gorgeous landscape. It lifts us up and carries us to happy places. Not so with trauma. We look away from the homeless woman on the street because if we do not notice her, she does not exist. The eye can be very selfish.”
Our God doesn’t have selected eyesight. He sees our pain (emotionally and/or physically, self-inflicted or caused by others) and wants to relieve it. He knows it can be the source of some of our less than stellar life choices.
Exodus 2:25 states, “God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.” The Israelites were made slaves by Egypt. God didn’t cause it, but He certainly saw it and was going to do something about it.
God looks on us and is concerned as well. He sees into the center of our hearts and minds; cares about what’s there; and, is willing and able to do something about it. You’re an awesomely secure child of God because of what Jesus did. Your heavenly Father cares about you. He wants to relieve the source, whatever it is, of what causes you to run to your drugs of choice rather than to Him, which will save you from the pain you’ll experience after taking it.
You God sees you and cares! Take a look His way. You will feel better.
“S”et Free Nowww

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