Keep Taking Out the Trash

take out garbageYesterday I challenged my new batch of biblical worldview students. I said for many of them this would be an entirely new way of thinking. They were not going to “get it” simply by taking the class as I was only introducing God’s process of how to think through daily life using His Word.
They were going to need to re-read my book so they could refresh themselves on the biblical tools/truths I was teaching them how to use. They could sign-up for my blog and get further insights into the Set Free Nowww principles. I told them I needed the blog information for myself!
We are fish swimming in a cesspool where the fish die if the filter stops working. The enemy never stops trying to infiltrate our minds as he knows it’s the only way to control us. We can’t shut him up! We can, however, as secure children of God, filter the polluted water, his thinking, through the FREEdom process. We can replace the stinking thinking with fresh truths.
As long as we are on this polluted planet, we must keep using these tools to filter every thought. The moment you stop, the moment you think you’ve arrived or have them down pat, is the moment you begin the decent backwards. The enemy never stops lying to you so keep your filters running. It’s the only way to walk and stay free from your drugs of choice to become more like Jesus!
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