Overcome One Step at a Time

overcome obstacles“Every obstacle you make it through is one more obstacle closer to your destination,” was written by a guy who descended the summit of Mt. Everest alone and blind when a sudden bout of snow blindness hit him. To reach Camp III alive, he kept his mind and emotions under control by focusing on getting through each obstacle that came his way.
He couldn’t ignore his situation. He could only choose to ignore what he wanted to do, ask Jesus for help and then follow Him down the mountain peak, which is exactly what he did.
Jesus said to deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Him. To deny yourself doesn’t mean to ignore your challenges, problems and/or drugs of choice. It simply means that you don’t deal with them your way, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. This is not quitting! It’s the start of the process of turning to someone greater than yourself to get through the obstacle – Jesus.
This guy’s Jesus story is a perfect example of the principle: when we’re weak, He can be strong for us. Jesus became his strength to get down the mountain safely, even though he was literally blind! You must learn what this climber learned: you are not alone in the midst of your challenges. The question is, “Who will you turn to for help in the midst of them – yourself or Jesus?” Ask Jesus to be your help, today, as you face your challenges head on.
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