Just Fly Already!

butterfly flyIt’s an interesting truth through a thought provoking character. This TV character grew up poor with little education. She had a skill, but still felt trapped in her alleged destiny.
She never felt she could be or do anything more with her life, until the day she started reading books, going to museums, taking lessons from a teacher and talking with people who knew more than she. She realized how trapped she had become and now was angry at herself and life. She hated being trapped and simply wanted to fly to become all that she could be.
How many believers in Jesus are living in real life what this character portrayed on the small screen? As secure children of God, Jesus gave you the wings to fly. As secure children of God, Jesus gave you something to fly toward – Him through using each decision to become more like Him. As secure children of God, Jesus gave you a daily purpose to fly – the good works He created you to do.
Your are not a worm, but an awesome child of God who can fly. You are not a sinner, but a saint who can choose to fly. You are not the same old you, but a new creation (given His nature, mind and power) who can fly! Stop thinking that whatever state you’re in is all there is. Nope, Jesus set you free to fly, so fly already!
“S”et Free Nowww

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