Fighting’s Hard, Surrender’s Harder

fightingThere are times when “fighting the good fight of faith” becomes wearying. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, quitting seems so much easier than plugging away in exercising the truth by faith.
I read a story about King Alfred the Great of Wessex, the last kingdom on the island of Britain that hadn’t fallen to Viking invaders. Alfred decided that it was better to fight and die than to die in bed. He knew from how the Vikings had treated his northern brethren that life would be much harder after surrendering than it would be if he’d fought instead. He chose to risk death for freedom, which he did and achieved.
Blessing and joy are on the other side of obedience. As secure children of God, we trust Jesus to have only our best interest in mind. Based on this truth, we’ll keep doing what He says to do, no matter how hard that might be, because we know real living and peace will be found as we do. Fighting our enemy is extremely hard, but what are the alternatives? Surrender only brings more grief, less meaning in life, more guilt, less satisfaction, more fear, less…you fill in the blank.
Yes, fighting is hard, but surrender brings even more grief. Be encouraged! Keep fighting the good fight of faith and you will experience the good stuff Jesus promises on the other end of obedience.
“S”et Fre“E” Nowww

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