Yes, It Works!

worksYou should have seen the beaming ear to ear smile on their face; the wrinkles on their forehead smooth out; and, the muscles in their neck relax as they confessed to what was going on their life. It was an awesome site to behold the Word of God coming true.
James 5:16 states that we are to confess our sins to at least one other believer so healing (aka peace and stress and anxiety release) can take place through the prayer of the one being confessed to.
I hear people say, “I’m only to confess to Jesus.” This is true if it were only about forgiveness for the sin. The context of James is not about forgiveness, though. It’s about the healing from the negative consequences of that sin and a changed life to not sin in that area again.
When this person opened up, let out what was going on inside, and then was prayed for, they were able to experience the life Jesus, the Word of God, promised. This is what Bible Impact Groups are all about – the Spirit of God using the Word of God to change lives through the prayers of the people of God. (You can read more about BIGs under Resources at
Who is praying very specifically for you because you’ve let them into your world? I can name those in my life. Can you? You will if you want to become more like Jesus and experience the reality of the Word of God come true in your life.
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