Who’s Following Who?

walking 2A recording artist, who had contracted cancer, tells the story of one of his songs. He was asked, “Do you follow the Lord?” He said, “Certainly.” Then after thinking about it some more, he thought, “Do I really follow the Lord around each day or do I ask Him to follow me around?”
Who’s following who? Your conversations with Jesus, or prayer, is one way to reveal what’s true in your life. Are you doing most of the talking or is He? He surely talks to us as we listen to Him in the Scriptures. He also likes to talk to us as we are quiet before Him.
It’s a safe bet you’re asking Him to follow you around, if you’re not seeking to hear His voice throughout your day everywhere you go. If you want to be near the source of all you need in life, Jesus, follow Him around. It might mean slowing down a little. A noisy world and mind make it hard to hear.
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