Youth is Wasted on the Old

youthI was having a conversation with a Millennial who stated he was a progressive. He talked about how society is currently going through a social experiment where all groups can believe what they want and that the “community” (whatever that meant, but I digress) would eventually correct itself.
I replied that I already knew where this experiment would end. He raised an eyebrow with that look, “Old man, you’re crazy. You can’t know what will happen.” I ignored his look and stated that this experiment is simply a retread. What’s happening today has already occurred where everyone did what they felt was right.
He gave me that “Really?” inquisitive look. I continued, “Yup, the Bible described this in the book of Judges and that experiment ended in chaos.” He blew me off at that point. But I said, “Think what you want. There is nothing new or progressive about people’s thinking today that God hasn’t already given us black and white pictures of where it ends up.” The subject quickly changed.
It’s been said that youth is wasted on the young. There are times when we wish we had the energy of our youth with the wisdom we now possess. Yet, this will always be true if we continue to run into the brick walls of the “living our way” experiment. We learn about who Jesus is, attempt to deny it by living our way, only to eventually surrender to it; and then, wish we had our youth back to enjoy the wisdom we now own. Don’t waste your hard earned wisdom. Surrender first, it keeps you younger!
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