Devastating or Devastated

grasshopper“Ah, grasshopper.” No, I’m not talking about the ’70’s TV show, but those little buggers who can either be eaten as a high source of protein or can eat everything in sight, leaving destruction in their wake.
Scripture, at times, uses grasshoppers of a losing, can’t-go forward, quitting mentality. The generation whom God freed from Egyptian slavery only saw themselves as grasshoppers, ready to be devastated by the giants living in the Promised Land. They never saw themselves as God did, the ones doing the devastating, which led to wandering in the desert for 40-years rather than to enjoying the good life in the Land.
King Saul was very similar. God saw Saul as a king ready to lead Israel. Yet when Samuel was ready to announce Saul’s kingship to the entire nation, he was hanging out with the camels, donkey’s and luggage! Because Saul never saw himself as God did, he went from one mistake to another, eventually costing his family the kingship.
You are a victor in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:13)! Keep up your shield of faith against the grasshopper mentality. You are a secure child of God because of what Jesus did for and in you. Rise to the level of who God thinks you are, and you’ll be achieving one victory after another in becoming more like Jesus.
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