Keep Running

Living WaterOne of the by-products of the rain we recently had was that the air smells so good. It was almost sweet. Even the smell of fresh dirt, at least to this guy, was pleasing and relaxing.
Yet I discovered on my walk-talk with Jesus this morning patches of puddles already forming and beginning to stink because of the return of warm weather. The difference was running verses pooling water. Running water makes a very relaxing sound, pooling water makes none. Running water keeps things fresh, stagnate water does not.
Are you gathering with other believers? Most excellent. But are you running (i.e. exercising the truth by faith empowered by the Spirit) with what you heard from Jesus when you gathered? If not, your gathering as well as your life, could turn into a pool that begins to stink when life gets warm. If so, you’re gathering will remain fresh and sweet as you keep running with living water, Jesus, who will change your life.
I once read somewhere that “there is someone God wants you to touch on the other side of obedience.” Keep running with Jesus and both your life and those around you will be sweet, pleasing and relaxing. Who does Jesus want you to touch today?
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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