Better Left Unsaid

zip itI have some friends going through the wringer at the moment. It’s been one illness after another for someone in their family. One gets well only to have another go down. This cycle has been going on for months without seeming end. (Maybe not that long, but it sure feels like it!) You can see in their eyes that hope is quickly fading.
At times like these, worn out cliché’s don’t work and solution seeking inquiries only bring needless guilt. Paraphrasing old King Solomon, “There is a time to zip it and a time to let words fly.”
As brothers and sisters in Christ we are part of the church – a group of disciples moving towards Jesus together. We are to walk with other believers on this journey to become more like Jesus. Sometimes, however, the words not said are the most valuable ones ever spoken. These unsaid words can help someone choose stay close to Jesus.
Do pray for them! But watch your words when you pray with them. Please, be with them. Walk or simply sit with them, as necessary. This takes huge amounts of Spirit led self-discipline, especially when you think you have something to say!
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