Mind Dwellers

hope - despairI was reading a very good book about Auschwitz and the struggle for existence that took place at this death camp. Do know that besides Jewish people, those believers who stood up for the Word of God and hid, protected, and provided for Jews were also killed at this camp.
One particular brother in Christ was asked how he could maintain such a “good attitude” while trying to exist in this camp. He said, “I dwell on what I can control, as I have no control over what I can’t.”
In the midst of a true living hell, hope and life existed. This pastor found peace and life in midst of despair and death by dwelling on the truths from the Word of God. He let his mind hide out in the safe dwelling place of Jesus Christ.
He could still listen to and follow Jesus even while surrounded by personified evil. He could still become more like Jesus and help others do the same while trying exist another day. He still had control over his choices while others were making theirs.
You become what you focus on and what you focus on only gets bigger. You control what you think about and dwell on; therefore, what and who will become bigger in your life today?
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