pointing“Joshua said to the people of Israel, ‘Come here and listen to the words of the LORD your God.’” 28 times Joshua told the nation of Israel to look to the “your God.” In fact, the only time Joshua ever said “my God” was when he told his Jesus story. Joshua consistently wanted Israel to believe in the LORD as their God, not just his. He pointed to the One doing all the heavy lifting so the nation would trust in the LORD for themselves.
Joshua, Yehovah saves, is a real type of a future Yehovah would come to save all mankind – Jesus. Joshua pointed people to the LORD. Jesus constantly pointed people to the LORD. He repeatedly said that He never said or did anything without first clearing it through His Father. When people saw Him, they saw the Father.
Hopefully, we are pointing people to Jesus through our words and actions. He is the only who can save them from themselves to have and experience life from this day forward into eternity. The only way to make this happen is to submit to the Spirit with every word and action…before we say or do them. I’m learning how with each passing day, hopefully you are as well.
Set Free Now“W”w

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