Get at the Root

Big green tree isolatedA few years ago I had a growth on my back that needed to be removed. The doctor cut open the skin and not only removed the cyst itself, but the long root that went with it as well. If he hadn’t, the cyst would have simply grown back, which would have meant another trip to the doctor.
The Spirit brought this memory back to help me remove this recurring thought, which was moving me towards anger if let untreated. I asked Jesus’ forgiveness for letting the root stay – any portion of the thought – and then saw Him take out the growth (in this case the hurtful accusations thrown my way – welcome to the world of Christian ministry, right?) along with it’s root. I saw the stringy root leave my brain!
When my adversary again tried to throw those accusations my way, I simply remembered that stringy root leaving my brain. Jesus, the Great Physician, took it out. Why think about it? The mind kept on Jesus will be kept in perfect peace. Believe me, peace feels a whole lot better than its counterpart.
“S”et Free Nowww

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