Logic Isn’t Always Logical

warningI was walking on a very busy street where the right side of the road had about two feet of pavement. There was no sidewalk, which was on the left side of the street. The logical thing to do was to head to the sidewalk, which I started to do when I sensed the Lord telling me to continue walking on the right.
While doing so and contemplating why He wouldn’t want me on the safer side of the street, I found four coins – three pennies and nickel. Then it hit me. Logic is not always logical when it comes to walking with Jesus.
Logical decisions are made when you take all the data you can gather, come to a logical conclusion and then act on that conclusion. Question. What if your data is wrong? What if don’t have enough data? Your logical conclusions could be based on bad or insufficient data, which can lead to hurtful or sinful decisions.
Jesus is the only one who has all the data and can see your situation from every perspective. This is why He tells us to listen to and follow Him. This is also why Jesus practiced what He taught us by filtering everything He said and did through the Father.
Rewards, encouragement from finding these coins, and a changed character come from exercising biblical truths Spirit empowered that Jesus gives us, even when they seem illogical to us. To some this might be scary business, but to those who continually get better at hearing from and following Jesus, it leads to eternal Christlike character, which is a very logical use of time.
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