Deal With Your Doubts

question 2Ever have doubts and felt guilty about it? Do so no longer! Doubts are not bad if they lead to answers and a deeper faith. It so happened that even the Apostle Paul had doubts. He didn’t quit, though. He worked through them by seeking out the Jerusalem leadership “privately for fear that I was running or had run my race in vain.”
The Lord had given Paul both his mission and message. In pursuing that mission, doubts overcame his mind and heart. Instead of slowing him down. It lead him to seek out godly counsel to keep going forward, which is exactly what he did.
If left to themselves in your heart and mind, doubts can lead to your drugs of choice. It’s not a sin to doubt. It only is if they lead you to sin. So stop beating yourself up and take your questions to the Word of God Himself, Jesus. He may solve your dilemma all by Himself or He may use someone who’s been where you’re going. Either way, your faith grows deeper, your walk richer and your life a whole better.
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