Press On

IMG_1252We’ve all had them. We all go through them. And the only real choice one has is to press on despite them. What am I referring to? Bad days.
On one particular day, we were visiting two sights in Israel where the wind was just horrendous. It was so bad that sand was accumulating on the side of my coffee up. We could have stayed on the bus and missed what God had for us; or, we could choose to press on despite the windy conditions.
Situations for life changing choices are never ideal. In fact, it is usually through life’s windy days that we’re pressed into the difficult choice of either going back to our drugs of choice or pressing on by faith in the truths Jesus has specifically given us.
The question we must constantly ask ourselves is, “Have my drugs ever made my life better?” The answer is no, if we’re honest. The only real choice then is to get out of the comfortable bus and head into the wind and see what the Lord has for us.
On this day, we pressed on and saw an actual grave with a stone, much like Jesus’ tomb would have been. It’s simply another validation that God’s word is accurate and can be trusted.
Each time you press on, despite life’s stormy conditions, you prove to yourself and to those around you that Jesus can be trusted. The Word of God indeed does work in everyday life.
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