The Right Confidence

Confidence.jpgI read on Twitter, “Losing confidence in your willpower is progress in understanding His grace.” We can’t change ourselves; but, the Word of God, Jesus, can. The sooner we realize this truth, the sooner we’ll experience His grace (i.e. receiving something we don’t deserve) changing our lives.
We don’t deserve to be in relationship with Jesus, let alone become more like Him. Yet, this is the beauty of the resurrection. Not only is Jesus alive and living inside us, but He also gives us the same power that rose Him from the grave to make life change a reality.
I once read that if there is something you have a very difficult time succeeding at and therefore avoid and resist doing – know that this is precisely the area of your life the Spirit wants to change. Put your confidence in His ability to change your life. He’s the only One who can.
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