Broken Hallelujahs

brokenness“May those who love Your salvation always say, ‘The LORD be exalted.'” (Psalm 40:16) To get the full impact of this verse, you must understand its context. David writes before it that people are hunting him down to destroy his life. After it, he writes that he is needy and poor.
He is not writing from life’s mountain top, but from its valley. He realizes that he’s broken; but he’s also reminding himself to praise God for his salvation in the midst of that brokenness.
Jesus is in the process of making us whole, which He will finish the day we see Him. Until then, we still have something to praise God for – we are and will be saved/made whole! This is worthy of praise or what a friend of mine calls “broken hallelujahs.”
We can praise God despite our imperfections, our brokenness, because He who began a good work in you will finish it (Phil. 1:6)! There truly is hope in the midst of life’s valleys
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