Stop Kicking!

cattle prongA cattle prong (pictured) is a modern day goad. It was used by farmers to get their stubborn ox going in the direction they wanted the ox to go. At times the ox would kick at the goad because it didn’t want to move. Yet, the more the ox kicked, the more pain it experienced from the goad sticking them. Solution? Surrender and get moving.
Apparently Paul was resisting the Lord’s invitation to eternal life (Acts 9:5; 26:14). It eventually took being blinded to get Paul’s attention. What will it take to get your attention and eventual surrender?
Let me tell you from experience. When the Lord wants to change your life, surrender is hard, but it sure feels better than the pain of the struggle. You can fight the process of change or surrender to it. It’s your choice. Take it from me, peace is better than pain any day of the week.
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