Daily Choices to Significance

choices 4Hadassah was orphaned as a child and raised by a simple accountant. Her daily choices from the moment she moved into Mordecai’s home, however, led to one momentous choice that would change the world.
As God moved behind the scenes to position her to the Persian throne as Queen Esther, He was also preparing her for the “good work that He prepared” for her to do.
Would she have dreamed about or chosen to be snatched out of her home against her will to be made just another woman of many in King Xerxes’ life? Probably not, but what she was made for was so much better than where she thought she was headed.
Hadassah was significant for one choice which, despite how she got there, she made at the risk of her life. This one decision kept her people alive and allowed our Savior and Messiah to be born, who has affected billions of lives over time. By surrendering to the “good work that He prepared for” her, allowed her to be significant in ways she could have never dreamed possible.
Surrender your daily choices to Him and you will lead a significant life, even if it’s much different than you ever thought it would.
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