Hitched to the Right Star

star nightDon’t hitch your joy to someone else’s star as they now control your life. If you’re making your joy, peace, security or any other need dependent on what someone else will do for or give you, you’ve effectively given them control of your life.
In Scripture, stars are used for actual stars in the sky (Gen. 1:16) and for metaphors. It’s interesting that both Jesus (Rev. 22:16) and Satan (Is. 14:12) are called stars, where the former rises and later falls.
Think on that for a moment. To whom are you giving control of your life – one that will bring you down or rise you up? Choose to be hooked to the right star – Jesus, the only One who can truly meet your needs 100% of the time. Yes, He may use people and things to meet your needs, at times, but it’s still Him doing it through them.
Choose to exercise the truth Jesus gives you by faith Spirit empowered. As you do, your joy levels will rise as you’re hooked to the Right star.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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