Raise Your Sights

dart boardI dreamed last night that my wife and I were playing darts, which of course I won! :).
In this game, the bullseye was only one point with each succeeding outer circle holding greater values. We’ve been trained to zero in on and hit the bullseye; and yet in this game, this was exactly the opposite thing to do.
After waking up, the Lord spoke to me. Why was I aiming for the lower numbers, which only led to defeat? I needed to raise my sights to hit the higher number targets.
It’s the same with our walk in Christ. Why compromise for less than God’s best? Why do I tend focus on what I’m not (the lower numbered targets) rather than on who I already am in Christ (the higher numbered targets)?
I’m a secure child of God at this very moment because of Jesus. I’m already holy, a saint, in Christ. I have every spiritual blessing this very second in Christ. I may not be experiencing those realities for the time being, but that is where my focus should be.
We become what we focus on and what we focus on only gets bigger. Raise your sights to who you are in Christ…right now! As you do, you’ll have many more victories than defeats in the days ahead.
“S”et Free Nowww

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