Walk Through Discomfort

kayakA week ago I got our apple and pear trees ready to head into their fruit bearing season. The next day I showed the love of Jesus at a citywide event, which was followed by an afternoon of swimming and enjoying conversation and a wonderful meal with my family, followed by an early morning surf time with my son. And if that wasn’t enough, two days later, I was introduced to kayaking by a friend!
I would have missed it all had I stayed home. I ‘suffer’ (please take the word lightly considering what our brothers and sisters are facing for their faith) from an arthritic shoulder. Some days are better than others, but I’m uncomfortable most days. I could let that discomfort discourage me to the point of discontinuing life; or, through the Spirit’s power, I can work through that discomfort and be encouraged by Jesus to keep on experiencing the life He gives.
Daily living is not always comfortable, but a life of adventure and wonder await those who walk through their discomfort in the Spirit’s power to enjoy an enjoyable conversation and an awesome meal with Jesus.
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