A Simple Please

kindnessRetail can be a brutal business for its employees. People demanding. People being rude. You get the picture.
I needed my tires rotated and drove to the place where I bought them. As I came to the counter, the serviceman asked what I needed. I said in a matter of fact way, “I need my tires rotated.” About 3 seconds later, I said, “Please.” I was being serious. I went on to say, “Man, that could have sounded demanding. I bet you get that all day.” You should have seen his face lighten up!
The Lord used one simple word to make this guy’s day. Being kind can change a life for a day and even longer. Where does kindness come from? It’s a fruit of the Spirit, a natural by product of listening to and following Jesus…even at a tire counter!
Make someone’s day or eternity by letting Jesus live through you even in the simplest of ways.
Set Free Now“W”w

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