Freedom is Not Necessarily a Good Thing

freedom-4When is freedom not necessarily a good thing? When your choice mechanism is faulty. If I have the freedom to choose, but my choice mechanism is faulty, I’ll end up choosing bondage; thus, freedom is not a good thing.
If you live in the west, you’re surrounded by the belief that freedom of choice is wonderful and that all choices are equally okay; but, are they equally good? Because mankind’s choice mechanism is faulty (sinful), mankind will do what’s inherently in its own best interest, which can lead to some horrendous choices – for themselves and others.
Jesus came to set us free from that faulty choice mechanism (Gal. 5:1). He came to change sinners who can only choose sin to saints who have true freedom to choose what is right, which is to listen to and follow Jesus.
We’ve been given the ability to walk in true freedom, which is a good thing. We can choose where that leaf will fall – the incinerator or in the hands of an Artist who will create a masterpiece. Lets pray for each other to choose the Artist.
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