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good-stuff“It makes no sense to look back when it’s so important to look ahead” a well-known believer, also a professional athlete, said in response to a question about his past performances. At that point in time they were, let’s leave it as less than spectacular.
The truth is this: If we keep looking back to our past mistakes, we’ll miss something Jesus has for us today and not be prepared for what He has for us next.
Either Jesus meant what He said on the cross, “It is finished!”, or He didn’t. His sacrificial death on that tree took care of all my less than spectacular moments. Your enemy wants you to look back. Your God, Jesus, wants you to focus on Him today, and be prepared for tomorrow.
Get forgiveness for yesterday. Give thanks today for the truth that are. And then focus on Jesus. Psalm 103:2 states there are great benefits from the LORD in doing so.
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