A Little Goes a Long Ways

weed-in-concreteMy daughter and I were having a wonderful discussion on the definition of “nonfat” in the phrase nonfat milk.
You’d think nonfat meant no fat at all. If you thought this, you’d be wrong! According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, nonfat milk can be labeled as fat-free if the milk contains less than 0.5 grams of fat per one cup, and contains no added ingredients containing fat. Thus, nonfat doesn’t mean no fat, it just means almost no fat.
This may work for the FDA, but not when it comes to your walk with Jesus. When God says all sin, no matter how small it may seem to you or to someone else, He means all sin separates you from Him – the source of all the good stuff you’re looking for in life.
A small compromise can lead you down a path to the destruction of life, joy, and peace, just like a small seed can eventually rip apart larges sections of concrete.
If you’re thinking of compromising today (It’s not that bad! Just one more time won’t hurt! It’s okay, God will forgive me. Etc.) Call your BIG partner (the person holding you accountable to the life-changing FREEdom process) to talk and pray you through it. If you’ve already taken a fractional ill-advised step, confess it to Jesus and ask the Spirit for both the faith and the power to STOP and go towards Jesus.
Don’t let one tiny fracture lead to the destruction of a whole lot of hard faith steps. Keep exercising the truth by faith one small step after another in becoming more like Jesus.
Set Free No“WWW”

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