Transfer of Trust

trustTransfer of trust is what the Christian life is all about. Think about it for a second. From the moment you place your initial faith in Jesus to the time you leave this planet, you are constantly challenged to transfer your trust from yourself to Jesus.
At the point of salvation, it’s trust in yourself to punch your own ticket to heaven to trusting in what Jesus did for you to take you home. For sanctification (i.e. becoming more like Jesus), it’s trust in yourself to make changes in your life to trusting Jesus enough to love, listen and follow Him.
It’s a daily battle I know, but what choice do you have? It’s either you or Him. We get comfortable with living our way, even as believers. And yet, we must keep learning to transfer our trust from ourselves to Jesus with each decision we make. It’s the only way to truly find real meaning and satisfaction on this planet.
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