Not Defined By Your Choices

mary-and-joeJoseph and Mary were descendants of David from the tribe of Judah, which is south of Jerusalem. Why were they living up north in Nazareth of the tribe Zebulun?
The northern areas of Israel were sparsely populated during the years before Jesus’ birth. The Jewish people kicked the Syrians/Greeks out of Israel during the Maccabean revolt (Chanukah story). Then the Israeli leadership asked people to resettle the north. Joseph and Mary’s parents must have headed that call. God could have chosen a couple living in Bethlehem; but instead chose a couple living in Nazareth to give birth to our Savior.
Then we read that Caesar, for some reason, calls for a census to increase tax revenues, which gets this couple south to Bethlehem. After which Herod wants to kill baby Jesus, a king who threatened Herod’s throne. God countermoved by getting the family to Egypt. Herod dies with his son rising to the throne. Again God countermoved by moving the couple back to Nazareth.
Matthew records that each of the above moves fulfills prophecy. God doesn’t make our choices, but He can overcome them to achieve His purposes. Not everything that happens to the believer is good, but God can make all things turn out for good (Rom. 8:28).
We are responsible for our choices – bad and good. Yet keep in mind this Christmas season, your God is bigger than your choices! True, we suffer less by making right choices. But, never give up on yourself! Neither your good nor your bad choices define you. God does by calling you His child!
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