I Don’t Understand – Good!

There will be times in your walk with Jesus when you’ll say, “I don’t understand. Why are you asking me to do this?”
Simple answer. Good! Long answer. The very fact that we don’t understand something means we’re not God, which is a good thing.
We are told to walk by faith, not by sight for at least two reasons. One, the process of figuring it out can fry our brains; thus, losing the peace of God that Jesus brings. Two, by having to figure it out before we obey, we reduce God to our level, which means He is no longer a God worthy of following. If we can figure Him out, He must be small enough to fit inside our brain. Again, why follow a tiny god?
We need a God who is greater than our challenges so He can solve them. This means it is okay to not understand everything He asks. Yet, we keep walking by faith in it anyway. This transfer of trust keeps Him God and our peace knowing that all things will work out in the end – our transformed lives.
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