Life Made Easy

carefreeI’ve been studying Jesus’ statements, “It is finished” and “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
Two truths the Spirit has given me thus far are: Jesus is both God and Savior. This might not sound earth shattering to you, but think about it for a second.
As God, He took all the world’s burdens and cares, which includes ours, upon His shoulders. Why do we give them so much head time? As Savior, He took the responsibility to make humanity whole (i.e. save). Why are we sweating the process?
Based on those truths, we can relax and simply listen and follow Him throughout our day. He’s got everything else under complete control.
Choose to let Jesus be God and Savior today by downloading all the stuff that rattles around in your head onto His shoulders. Then go out and enjoy His presence, no matter where you go. He made life that easy!
Set “Free” Nowww

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