What’s the Hurry?

Life’s lessons come in all shapes and sizes. This one in the form a motorcyclist. I saw a gentleman on a motorcycle drive up on my right as we both stopped at a signal. The next thing I know, he turns right and then shows back up on the same street I was traveling on just before the light turned green.
He must have turned right, made a U-turn and then turned right to get back to “our” street. Funny thing is. About a mile down the road I caught up to him at a red light! All that extra gas and a potential hazardous U-turn all to end up at the same place I did.
You’re probably smiling right now because you’ve done something similar! God’s timing is perfect. Can we rest in His promises to change our lives or answer prayer while enjoying His presence at life’s stop lights? Or do we get ancy and rush ahead of Him all to end up in the same place at the same time?
We expend so much needless energy worrying while waiting that we sometimes move when we should stay. Waiting is not wasted time! Waiting can be protecting us from hazardous conditions ahead. Therefore, learn how to enjoy your relationship with the Father while you wait. It will save you both time and energy.
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