Choose to Remove

I was having ice tea with a friend (I know it’s hard to believe, but I have a few!) earlier this week. I was sharing with complete candor that I love my wife more today than I did almost 30 years ago when we first married.
How? I’ve learned to remove the distractions in my life. I’ve discovered that what I thought was important back then is not as important today; and thus, it can be eliminated from my thinking and life.
I believe this is true for all relationships. Want to draw closer to your friends, your spouse and/or Jesus? Choose to remove what’s between you (see James 4:8).
Holding onto things you don’t need, going to places you shouldn’t go, spending on items that soon fade in importance, thinking thoughts that only drag you down…choose to remove them.
Let the Spirit show you the distractions in your life. Then choose to eliminate them one by one with Spirit empowered faith. Your love will only grow. And let me tell you, more love sure feels grrreat!

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