Only God is God

I was driving a mountain road when the car behind me pulled out and passed me and the car in front of me. Legal yes. Smart? Maybe. I could see an entire line of cars in front that was going to force them to slow down. I sure wouldn’t have done it.
Then it hit me. What they did was not only legal, but safe as well. And, what if they were responding to an emergency where every second, let alone minute, counted? What seemed illogical to me was perfectly logical to them.
I couldn’t see their heart or hear what Jesus was saying to them, only God could. There is one truth, but many applications to that truth. Who gives anyone the right to judge someone’s heart or motive, especially when their actions line up with Scripture?
Sure, they may not be doing it like you or I think they should. But who made either of us God? Only God is God, so allow Him to do His job; and then relax and do yours. Show your love for Jesus through listening to Him and then by Spirit empowered faith do it. Who knows. Next time, it might be you pulling out and passing two cars!

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