Patchwork Doesn’t Work

There’s a stretch of road by my house that has a huge pothole. The city has “repaired” it so many times it’s comical. They simply fill it in with asphalt and call it day. Yet before you know it, the pothole is back.
The only way to permanently get rid of that pothole is to pay a bigger price. This portion of the road needs to be torn up, regraded and then repaved. Patchwork is easier and looks nice, but the problem only returns.
Jesus didn’t come to add Himself or new behaviors to us, but to replace us with Him. Adding new behaviors is patchwork. It makes us look “good” in the short term, but the underlying cause, our sinful thinking, is still present. The sinful behavior only resurfaces just like the pothole.
You must pay the price if you truly want to change. New Christ-like behaviors only come through the hard work of renewing your mind through Spirit empowered faith steps.
Pay now or keep repaying the costs of failure. You and those around you need hope. This kind of hope only comes through Jesus shining through you, not a plastered on Jesus.

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