The Struggle

I thought I’d pass along some wise advice I recently received.
“In a way you’re wrestling with the Lord and with yourself. You know what He’s telling you to do; and yet, you’re struggling to do it. When you stop struggling with the Lord, you will stop struggling with yourself. Every relationship has struggles, even our relationship with the Lord.”
It would be nice if obedience were instantaneous and continuous. Sometimes, though, it’s a start and stop struggle. This is not an excuse to abuse grace. Know this, disobedience only hurts you!
When we stop choosing to do what Jesus says, we’re basically saying, “I’m going to live my way.” And thus, the struggle continues and peace is kept at a distance. Peace, which is the absence of struggle, comes through surrender to Him and living His way.
My friends, isn’t time you and I choose peace?

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