Walking Makes Noise

Make a little noise while tasting the juicy life!
Depending on the surface, walking makes noise! Asphalt is quieter than hard pack, which is quieter than sand. The places I go usually are country roads where dogs, rabbits, lizards and birds live. As I walk by dogs bark, rabbits hop off, lizards scatter, and birds fly away. In my neighborhood, though, people wave to and sometimes even talk with me.
My walk affects both animals and people. Though I tried to walk carefully, animals still ran away. Though I waved with a smile on my face, some ignored my act of neighborliness.
It’s the same with our walks with Jesus. We can’t control how people will respond to us. We can only control the choices we make on our walks. And if we choose to keep in step or walk with the Spirit, sweet juicy fruits of the Spirit will be experienced.
No matter what, your walks will make noise. And people may or may not respond as you’d like. But, they can’t see Jesus if you’re not walking with Him; and, you’ll never taste the sweet juicy life either. So go ahead and make some noise, just make sure you’re eating fruit while you’re at it.

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