Ouch, That Hurts!

Loves needs forgiveness to keep loving.
We need forgiveness, especially from God. Yet, have you ever stopped to think about forgiveness from God’s perspective?
He is not forgiving for your sake alone, but His as well. The Biblical God is both love and wrath. He loves His creation with such a tremendous love that He keeps reaching out to humanity even though they hurt Him over and over again through their words and actions.
In order to not lash out, He forgives…for His own sake! If He didn’t, do you think He’d want to keep loving you and me? And yet, even love can only take so much pain before it must take action: in humanity’s case wrath or in His children’s lives discipline.
May we never take lightly our daily choices to follow Jesus. Yes, Jesus will forgive and cleanse us from our sinful choices when we confess our sins to Him. But, not for a second should we ever think that what do doesn’t hurt Him. Remember, even in His glorified state, He is both fully God and fully human.

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