Today is the Time for Thankfulness

Your Focus Affects Your Thanks
In the US, we’re in a special time of the year where we slow down, eat way too much, and express thankfulness for all the freedoms we enjoy.
As believers, we’re told to give thanks throughout our day (1 Thess. 5:18). As we do, a smile comes on our face, peace pours out our hearts and our step is just a little lighter. And, when we’re thankful, we also put a smile on God’s face because we’re doing what He asked us to do, which is an expression of love for Him.
Being thankful is not a suggestion either! It’s a command. Our God knows that focusing on being thankful throughout our day is extremely good for us. Think about it. What happens to your list of things you’re thankful for when you start thinking about tomorrow while it’s still today? It goes out the window along with your smile and peace!
Today is the time to be thankful. Show your God you love Him through being thankful. It brings a smile to both of your faces. When you do, you’ll be found smiling upon Jesus’ return as well.

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