True Validation

Jesus sees all of you – inside and out.
After turning water into wine, Jesus went to Jerusalem where He performed more miracles. At this point, John 2:23 says many people believed in Him.
Shouldn’t He be ecstatic? Nope, as seen in the very next phrase. Jesus didn’t entrust himself to them. He knew they could turn on Him just as easily as they had believed in Him. In fact, in just a few short years, many of these same people would call for Him to be hung on a tree.
Jesus was secure in who He was as seen in His “I am” statements. He didn’t need others to validate Him. Numbers didn’t impress Jesus either. What did was loving His Father through His daily choices. It was His Father who He said, “This is My Son. And I’m very proud of Him!”
We don’t need others or numbers to validate us! Jesus sees deep into our souls and still says, “I love you. Come walk with Me, right now.” This should result in less “beat me up” time and more loving Jesus. Less down time and more walking with Jesus. Today is the day and now is the time to love Jesus through your next choice. As you do, you’ll be ready for His return.

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