Watch Your Words

Choose Your Words Carefully.
Words are powerful both for destruction and for development. We all know this fact; but in reality, are we careful in the words we choose with others and just as importantly, with ourselves? I was in two situations today that drove this home.
First, a friend and I were having a conversation with a person living on the streets. I asked him, “How can we help you?” By help though, did I mean that he obviously needed our help because of where he was living? Wouldn’t it be a bit arrogant to think that my lifestyle – living in a stick-built home – is somehow better than his tent or car, if that choice fits his way of living in freedom? Depending on how he took the word help, I could have been helping or hurting the situation.
Second, I was talking with a mom who was overwhelmed in the caring for her growing physically, but mentally challenged adult all by herself. Her words, “I’m done,” expressed her exhaustion on so many levels. She was running on fumes; and yet, the words she used to describe herself were only sucking the remaining fumes out of her tank.
Words, choose them carefully in how you talk to others and to yourself. Filter your words through the life giving words found in Scripture, the Source of Truth. They will not only free you from destruction, but change your life for the better as well.

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