Father Indeed Knows Best

Looking up is sweeter than looking within.
Last time I talked about certain fruit trees producing zero fruit this past harvest season.
Among other reasons for being so frustrating was that I’d done everything the so-called experts said to do. I even used a few tips from fellow amateur fruit growers like myself. Armed with all this information, my fridge was still empty.
I’m at my wits end on what to do; and yet, it’s the perfect place to be – if I’m willing to look up, instead of within for the answer. Looking within myself, which also includes listening to the so-called experts, keeps me in control, which only leads to frustration.
This is also true of our walks with Jesus. We must let the Spirit of God bring us to the point where we’re ready to change what we’ve been doing or failing to do. We then must be willing to listen to and follow the only Person who can produce the sweet tasting fruit of life change – the Father.
My friends, realize that you don’t have the answers. Believe that He does. Then trust Him by actually doing what He says to do to make your life better. Our Father indeed knows best for us.

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