Laser Focused

“Always remember, laser focused!”
My wife and I were listening to a CD in the car. After a few minutes, it started to jump all over the place. At times, it couldn’t even read the CD.
We played that same CD in our home player. And guess what, it worked fine!
After putting in a cleaning CD, the car player now works great. The laser couldn’t focus and do its job. It apparently was clogged.
Life these days is filled with so much information that can clog our laser focus. This cascade of info can produce so many options leaving us tired and confused, even depressed.
I once received the following, “A business colleague of mine gave me this piece of advice, which God recently laid on my heart when dealing with my depression and confusion. ‘Be laser focused…and when you think you’re laser focused, laser focus again, and again if you have to. Always remember, laser focus!’”
Keep laser focused on and Spirit empowered practicing the truths Jesus gives you. Don’t let a moment go by to get His or other’s forgiveness. Both keep clear and beautiful colorful tunes, rather than the blues, coming your way.

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