Stay in Alignment

The only way to be where Jesus wants you to be tomorrow, is to be with Him where you are today.
Funny how things work out.
I went to speak at a conference to encourage other Jesus followers to walk into their calling; and lo and behold, God spoke to speak to me.
A brother was sharing how he’d been going through quite a few life changes over the past couple of years. Each time, this brought much anxiety with it.
And yet, as he stayed in “alignment with Jesus” (his words), God always brought the right person or right situation to ease him into the next phase of where God wanted him to be.
He got to the next phase of his life by being in and with Jesus in the current one.
Jesus “ended” up on the cross and walked out of that tomb, which was the Father’s ultimate plan for His life, because Jesus was in constant connection with His Father with each step He took.
Be encouraged! God will get you right where He wants you to be. So, take off the load of tomorrow’s anxiety by being aligned with Jesus today.

2 thoughts on “Stay in Alignment

  1. ???. God is so Good!!!! The timing of this blog down to the second was AMAZING!!! I had just Followed up on an instruction from the Lord, and the next thing was for me was to go to your page. Yet, me in my finite thinking I thought “ok – let me do xyz – first”. But I felt a tugging to check your page at this specific moment. – God is always ontime!!! As I read what Holy Spirit had you write on this blog, It was the confirmation I needed that I am hearing the Lord.

    Continue to walk with Jesus. He will never lead you (us) astray.

    The Lords timing is always perfect. ??

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