Repurpose Daily Life

First things first, one thing at a time.
We all have errands to run. Appointments to attend. Chores to get done. Daily life gets us all. These daily tasks, though, can either be weeds of distraction or fruit-bearing plants.
Good farmers plant Jesus seeds (Spirit given truths) that produce healthy fruit-bearing plants of Christ-like character. But, we can let those appointments, chores, or errands choke out these seeds from getting the water and sun they need to grow. We do this by making our daily lives about getting them done rather than about doing them with Jesus.
As good soldiers, we are told to focus on pleasing Jesus, our Commander-In-Chief (2 Tim. 2:3-4). Each chore can be done out of a love response for Jesus. Each errand and appointment can bring us around people who need to hear about Jesus through us.
We can’t get around our daily time grinders. We CAN, however, learn the following principle: first things first, one thing at a time.
Focus on one errand, one appointment, or one chore at a time. Enjoying being with Jesus in the midst of that one errand, NOT stressing over getting the entire list done.
Next, repurpose that one appointment. See it as an opportunity to walk and talk with Jesus whereby being ready to share Jesus with others when He opens the door.
We all have chores to get done. We decide whether or not they will produce Christ-like character. Hence, decide to be a good soldier. Focus on pleasing Jesus with every item on that list, one item at a time.

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