2020 Vulnerability

“The issue of faith is not so much whether we believe in God, but whether we believe the God we believe in.” R.C. Sproul
The vulnerability of Christ brought about the possibility of change into your world.
The moment Jesus decided to enter Mary’s womb at the human life conception stage, He was vulnerable. Jesus had given complete control of His life to someone other than Himself.
According to biblical law, Mary could have been stoned to death for committing adultery, which, of course, she hadn’t. But from a human perspective she had. And if she was stoned, Jesus would have died right along with her.
Joseph was told in a dream to flee to Egypt in order to protect Jesus as a child. If he hadn’t, Herod’s forces would have wiped Jesus out.
Jesus understands what it means to be vulnerable. So when the Word of God asks us to be completely vulnerable/transparent with another believer in Christ in order to see our lives transformed (James 5:16), He was talking from experience.
Listen and follow Jesus into vulnerability. If you do, your world can be changed for eternity.

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